Transforming intuitive practices.

Teaching beyond quantum theories.


how to tap into your own personal power to heal and transform your life


theory, physics, science, and intuition/perception for “wholistic” results


your innate abilities and become the empowered intuitive you are meant to be

Being an empowered intuitive enables you to take your innate energy, skills, and abilities, and shift the way you live, love, work, and play. If you have a desire to understand others more deeply, seek connectedness, wisdom, and enlightenment, then you’re in the right place.

As an empowered intuitive, I am here to help you trust your intuition, enabling you to care for yourself, your family, and friends when the resources we have come to depend on become scarce.

Intuitive mastery is teachable. With time and practice, you will trust the power locked within you and become an empowered intuitive.

Begin your journey.

Hi, I’m Nicole.


For the past thirty-five years I’ve been using my innate intuitive abilities during consulting and assessment services, readings, and physical body scanning to detect physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual imbalances within humans, animals, and inanimate objects.

I’m a board-certified counseling intuitive, medical remote viewer and instructor, shaman, advanced Emotional Freedom Therapist (EFT), motivational and inspirational speaker, author, therapeutic empath, and telepath.

I am able to feel what you feel, see what you see, how you see and experience life, as if I am ​walking in your shoes. I see how experiences have affected or infected you, and I see your divine life path.

As an empowered intuitive, I’m here to guide you to truth, as well as train you through my courses to find it yourself.

Enjoy this website, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Helping you Help yourself

Remote and in-person diagnostic assessments are available for individuals seeking a spiritual and multi-dimensional approach to wellness, empowerment, transformation, and success. 


Remote Viewing can be used to help humans and animals, but can also have mechanical and technical applications. You are only limited by your imagination.


Remote Viewing to see medical conditions in people and animals with up to 99% accuracy enables physicians to better diagnose and treat patients. Specialized medical protocols are used to evaluate the health and well-being of clients, often with staggering results.


Criminal investigations, finding missing objects and people, management/diagnosis of mechanical & technical issues in race cars and everyday vehicles, business issues and problem-solving, troubleshooting both human and animal athletes.


Determining your thoughts, patterns/behaviors, actions/reactions, and how you relate to the world. This is a powerful technique for communication development as well as understanding mental/emotional issues and to break through old self/relationship patterns.


Cellular Memory Detoxification and EFT are used to assist you in investigating what caused your ill health, or current life predicament, and rebalances your body naturally. It’s also a powerful way to prevent illness and dis-ease.

Each cell within the human body has an innate wisdom that knows the answers to your questions. This intelligence can tell us exactly why specific things are happening in your life: What’s wrong within the body, what and how it needs to be treated, and in what order it wants us to work toward recreating balance in your life.

The key element to maintaining balance and healing in our lives is communication between all parts – our DNA coupled with all of our systems and organs. In this way, the body can synchronize its activities, heal and adapt to the stresses of life. It is the body’s greatest rebalancing tool. 

When anxiety grips you and pain shoots through your body, and your life spirals out of control, know that the cells within you hold the key to restoration. 


There are seven million people in the U.S. that cannot speak due to illness or injury. Communication is available for patients that cannot communicate with their doctors or families because of a debilitating illness or injury.

For you, or a loved one who has been injured, or has one of these disorders:​

  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Cancer
  • ALS
  • Lou Gehrig’s disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Comatose patients
  • Stroke (not all – some will not allow for communication)

This powerful service enables therapeutic communication with the voiceless – giving them a voice. It requires the practitioner to feel and experience exactly what the sufferer is going through to be able to communicate for them. With that in mind, only a limited number of advocacy sessions are available each month.

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On Sacred Time is the non-fiction account of my journey into Spirit; how I cultivated the gifts I was born with, how I came to know the God within all things, and to learn to heal myself and others by tapping the power within.

This book introduces you to the divine oneness that resides within you and offers you the opportunity to evolve in a way that creates inner and outer healing, wealth, and higher wisdom.

Become an Empowered Intuitive

With years of study, research, and hands-on experience under my belt it is my pleasure to assist others to empower their intuition and expand their consciousness.

We are all different, and depending on your needs, I customize your learning to maximize your desired results.

You will focus on three key areas of intuitive/perceptual skills and learn to integrate or unite these key areas of intuitive and conscious development.

If you are ready, then connect to get started!


Understand sentient beings and develop your own innate abilities for healing, growth, and attainment.



Communicate inwardly for healing and connect with other energies outside of yourself to reshape space and time.



Using specific analytic protocols for self-assessment, and to analyze any life, medical or business practices.

Read FLASH! The Science Behind Intuition

Dr. Anne Watson with contributions from Nicole Henderson on Remote Viewing and Psychometry.

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